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How Braingrid Works

Braingrid’s platform as a service (PaaS) is an advanced, edge-user solution that delivers the most reliable, cost effective and fully featured means to connect and relay wireless data. The revolutionary, patent pending Sentroller easily allows anyone to remotely monitor and manage systems in ways no other technology can.

Other monitoring, sensing and managing pains include:

  • Physical connections

    It’s hard to connect to so many different systems

  • Getting the data out

    Internet isn’t easily sourced in most applications or is too costly to warrant

  • Maintenance

    Remote or inaccessible monitors use batteries that need to be replaced. These monitors usually need to be decommissioned for safety or access reasons which always disrupts the business

  • Approvals

    Electrical, building management and site access approvals are time consuming and value loss leaders when commissioning and monitoring

  • Data Integrity

    Many monitors use local logging or vendor specific data stores and very rarely provide data redundancy

  • Data Sequestration

    Monitoring systems usually store data locally or on servers and require advanced and expensive skills and teams to interpret

  • Return on Investment

    Application specific hardware and software are built, ad-hoc every time there’s a customer. This leads to error prone solutions and increased project timelines

The Sentroller is designed from the ground up to use any of the industry’s sensors, communications protocols and connection schemes to integrate into your Things, seamlessly. A Sentroller installs in minutes, with untrained personnel on live equipment.

A Sentroller automatically connects to the BrainGrid network, which means a Sentroller never becomes obsolete and the systems it’s connected to are infinitely upgradeable.

The real-time data transmitted is securely processed via our fail-safe, redundant, independent network and software systems which is delivered to our valued customer using our easy to use, interface dashboard.

Our proprietary, patented technology is versatile, robust and can be applied to a number of system applications with maximum reliability and minimal effort.

Braingrid solves this in a way that is cost effective, scalable, simple, and secure.

Always be in the know.

No news is good news. Monitor accurately from virtually anywhere with our simple dashboard interface.

Simple To Set Up

So easy to set up and use that anyone can do it. Just plug in, log in to our secure multi tiered access platform… and play.

Fast and Reliable

Sentrollers are built tough for harsh outdoor use and work out of the box, even when your equipment doesn’t.

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